Markt 1

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A landmark in the making. This sensational and extremely costly new build was completed in the highly sensitive core of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck after Unesco, by way of a committed made up of 36 international experts, gave its express approval to the demolishing of the former main post office building and implementation of the draft of the renowned architects Ingenhoven, Overdiek & Kahlen (Düsseldorf/Aachen). The provocative idea of juxtaposing as a reflection the architectural model “Historic City Hall” from 1320 which, at the time was forward-looking and frequently copied, with an equally strong unique building as testimony to contemporary architecture, polarised professional and laypersons alike throughout Germany and abroad. The project was feverishly discussed for more than two years in the media, forums and an action group set up especially in reaction to the project.

New build in the heart of the world heritage. The primary tenant Peek & Cloppenburg opened in February 2005 ultimately delayed but with great success. And the previous controversial discussion about the new building has now given way to general approval. Key urban devel- opment projects need time before they are accorded the status of landmarks.


Department store, New build


Peek & Cloppenburg, Hamburg

Sales Area

ca. 5.500 m2


Ingenhoven, Overdiek & Kahlen, Düsseldorf /Aachen

Investment Volumen

20 Mio. Euro