Trade and commerce are ever changing

An old truism that is applicable today more than ever. Customers are becoming ever more difficult to classify, and demands placed on architecture and the quality of experience have increased significantly. This is accompanied by ever-faster changes in trading concepts. It is also demonstrated in our market places, which are characterised by the requirements placed on these properties by the trade. While thirty or forty years ago, for example, we primarily saw the demand for and building of small shop units of about 100 m2, today the average size of shops in demand is almost 500 m2.

Countering these challenges is the core competence of MBB. As an SME and project developer specialising exclusively in retail properties in the up-market locations of German city centres, we create functionally modern floor space for current trading concepts. In that respect particular importance is attached to developing creative solutions between the demands of the trade and the expectations of the cities.

A wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of both the trading landscape and German inner cities make us a valuable partner in the case of developing high-quality real estate projects.

Matthias E. Bechtle

Shaping the future and retaining values

Zukunft gestalten und Werte erhalten

In the case of developing modern trading properties we consistently pursue a long-standing and successful philosophy. We create values and retain them: by planning, building and converting extremely valuable plots of land and real estate properties with a view to the future by way of investing in the latest technologies and materials and with the support of renowned architects. This includes the forward-looking planning for second and third use in the event of a subsequent change of user. Each of our properties is geared towards the structure of the environment, and as a result of individual planning simultaneously lays claim to a unique quality. In that respect we have at our disposal the greatest possible experience both in respect of the careful integration of modern architecture in the growing city landscape as well as adopting a sensible approach to dealing with historic buildings.

In view of this we seek and purchase, on an ongoing basis, plots of land and real estate in all sizes in the business locations in demand by nationwide commercial enterprises in almost all German city centres. As an owner-operated company with sound capital resources we take purchasing decisions swiftly and without red tape. We prepare the respective contracts individually and coherently. Committees or financing reservations have no part in our business.

Our partners rely on the characteristics of our ideas and actions: professional, characterised by partnership, open, uncomplicated and absolutely reliable. Available at management level at all times too.